Lemon-Lime Cucumber


Summer is approaching and the weather is heating up. Our bodies naturally crave a light crisp tasting food when the heat rises. Instead of reaching for an ice cream cone or a cold soda, have a dose of cucumbers!! Cucumbers contain vast amounts of vitamin K and molydenbum. Vitamin K is most beneficial to the body in the area of blood clotting as well as bone density. Vitamin also aids in the process of moving electrons in the formation of energy. The molydenbum is benefical to the nervous system enhancing awareness. Cucumbers are a delicious smart source of energy. So instead of a sugar filled treat, try this rejuvenating citrus snack.


1/2 large cucumber

1 Lemon

1 Lime

1 tbsp. Sea Salt


1. Cut cucumber into 1/4 inch thick slices and place in a small container

2.  Squeeze full lemon and full lime over the cucumber

3. Add salt and…

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Kale Broccoli Tomato Cream Pasta Sauce

kale sauce

This pasta sauce was as delicious as it looks. When I make meals I just pick a vegetable and make the food around that vegetable, the veggie of today was Kale. Lots of vitamin K,  A, and C…benefiting the cardiovascular system, boosting immunity and improving eyesight. Its power packed as we all know. So I knew the kale would be great in pasta as most dark green things are, so here is the list of groceries and directions for the dish.


2 Garlic Clove

1/2 small onion

1/2 bunch kale

1 broccoli stalk

1/2 pint whipping cream

2/3 cup water

1/4 cup olive oil

1 can stewed whole tomatoes

2 tablespoons sea salt

2 tablespoons pepper

1 tablespoon garlic salt

1/2 tablespoon red pepper chili flakes


Chop: Kale, Broccoli, Onions, Garlic

  1. Sautee Kale in olive oil and 1/3 cup water, add tablespoon of salt
  2. Add broccoli when kale begins to soft (after about 12 minutes) and sautee til slight soft, add tablespoon of salt and tablespoon of pepper
  3. Add Garlic and Onion and sautee until onions are slightly grilled
  4. Add heavy cream and water and let simmer
  5. When simmering, add stewed tomatoes, garlic salt,  the other tablespoons of salt and pepper, and lastly the chili flakes
  6. Let simmer, when kale is no longer rubbery serve


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Sumo Squat Jump

Do this exercise in 3 sets of 15 with a low-mid capacity weight. Be sure to be light on the toes and focus on that balance.

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Simplifying Meal Plans


The link above is to some nifty tips to simplifying your meal plan, and helping you stay on track. The idea of a meal plan can be mind boggling, due to picking up the new skill of planning, and being disciplined enough to eat specific foods. The link gives some great tips to keeping consistency in your diet.

Chicken and Pasta Salad with Vegetables

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Easy Chest and Core Exercise

Do each exercise 9 times to make one set. Implement 3 sets of 9 of each exercise simultaneously to begin to slim those arms.

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Inner Thigh Exercise

Add three sets of 15 (each leg) to your workout and watch that inner thigh flab disappear.

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Sauteed Garbage Vegetables


Garbage vegetables is the base to many of my dishes. I just grab the rest of the produce left in the fridge chop it up and get creative. You get the nutritional benefit and more than your daily vegetable needs in garbage vegetable dishes. For this particular pot of veggies I made a cheddar broccoli soup out of it. Just added cheddar cheese, chicken broth, and half & half. Quick and delicious!

Garbage veggies are also great side dishes or just eaten as is, and extremely filling. So if you’re looking for a vegetarian dish, sautee and season the rest of the vegetables in your pantry and let your hunger craft a creative meal.

Red Bell pepper
Red Onion
Sea Salt
Olive oil


1. Bake potato for an hour to get nice and soft
2. Sautee veggies in olive oil. In this order to get the proper crispiness, not too soft; broccoli, carrots, bell pepper, red onion , and potatoes.
3. Add salt and pepper and enjoy


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Necessary discipline in Training

muhammad ali

Fitness is physical, you need to have the physical ability to lift weights, run long distances, and jump high. You have to physically be able to endure pain, pain is where the change comes in. But the crazy thing about the body is how we handle pain. Pain is going to be there, whether it is emotional or the specific fact that the body adapts to physical pain. Not excruciating pain that may cause a mental fog, but in terms where pain can adjust our living conditions and our natural survival of the fittest physiques.

Many clients and myself during training want to give up when we begin to feel the burn, but the mental toughness is to realize the burn is temporary but the positive effects can be permanent. The burning sensation during exercise is the build up of lactic acid, but knowing that the more oxygen and blood pumped through the body the more he lactic acid will begin to flow out of the muscles and cleared through the blood stream. The building of lactic acid comes after the body has depleted much of the ATP used to build more actin and myosin , which is making stronger muscles. So therefore, the beginning of the burn is the beginning of excellence, When you make it to the end of the road of pain, it is the beginning of the road to greatness.

“Consider it pure joy my brothers and sisters whenever you face trials of many kind, for we know that the testing of you faith builds perseverance, let perseverance do its work so that you may be mature and complete not lacking anything.”

James 1:2-4
The discipline required in training is the same required in just living. If your bank account goes negative, do you just stop working or pay it off to get a fresh start, giving up makes things worse. You however next time become aware of your spending and how to stay on top of your money to prevent such failure. Training to the point of exertion is how you get better. The body adapts to the pain, it physically builds muscle, and the mental toughness is also acquired.

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Open Leg Stabilized Crunch

This exercise builds up back strength, balance, and abdominal muscles. 4 sets of 20 should do the trick with this. Don’t let those feet touch the floor and straighten and widen those legs as much as you can without loosing balance.

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Sweet and Spicy Vegetable Rice Bowl


This is a marvelous quick dish. And can be cooked quickly with old veggies in the produce storage of your refrigerator. And let me not forget to add it is vegetarian! Awesome for those that consume a small amount of meat.

1 Tbsp Cayenne pepper
2 Tbsp Sea Salt
2 Tbsp Pepper
1 Jalapeno
1/4 Ginger Root
2 stalks Broccoli
3 Carrots
2 Red Bell Pepper
1cup Pineapple
1 1/4 cup Pineapple juice (from pineapples or canned)
1 cup Water
Jasmine Rice
2 Tbsp Olive oil (if ever veggies are dry or start to burn add dash of olive oil to skillet)

1. Chop and wash all vegetables.
2. Sauteed broccoli til slightly firm with olive oil
3. Add carrots and sautee until slightly firm
4. Add bell peppers And sautee til slightly firm
5. Add pineapples and sautee til warm
6. Add pineapple juice, jalapenos, and  ginger. Sautee dish together til veggies are slightly soft (not too tender they lose nutrients)
7. Serve over Jasmine Rice
8. Enjoy the sweet and spicy flavor!

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